Weekly Availability List

Hi Everyone,



Please have orders in 24 hours ahead of pickup day/time.



Here is a list of current available items, please choose from the following options for pickup:



Egg CSA customers- please let me know if you'll be coming to the market or the farm for pickup- thanks!!!


Pickup at farmers market corner of 306 & Bell  Saturday 5.21.22 9am-12pm

Pickup at farm Saturday 5.21.22 1pm

*****Please let me know if there is a day that works better for you and we can make arrangements for pickup.




We will be offering whole and half sides of beef in May, August, and  fall 2022.  Price is $4/lb hanging weight.  Please call if interested to discuss details.


Rhubarb- $5 lb

Asparagus- $4 bunch


Herb Plants- established plants from the muck $5ea


Garlic chives




Herb bunches-$2es


Garlic chives



Chicken- $5/dz 

Quail- $4/dz.  

Duck- $7/dz 



Jams: $6ea


Sour Cherry




Blueberry/Lemon Sauce

Blueberry/Lime Sauce


No Pectin Jams- $8ea

Blueberry Lemon


Jelly- $10




***Due to the increase in processing fees and feed costs we felt the need to increase our price per pound on some of our products.  We hope everyone understands, if you have any questions please feel free to ask!



Ground- $6/lb, roughly 1lb packs

Shoulder blade  boston roasts- $7lb 3-4lbs ea

Shoulder arm picnic roasts- $7lb, 2.75-3.5#ea

Tenderloins- $9lb, .75#

Spareribs- $6lb, 1-5#, rest .75-1.25#ea

Loin chops- $8lb, 2/pack roughly 1.25# ea

Uncured smoked hams- $10/lb, 5.5-7.5# ea

Uncured smoked bacon- $12/lb, roughly 1lb packs

Hot Italian Sausage- $8/lb, 5/pack- roughly 1.25# ea

Fresh jowls- $4lb, 1-1.5#ea

Feet- $4lb, 1-3.5#ea

Liver- $4lb, 3.75#ea

Heart- $4lb, .75#ea

Smoked Hocks- $5lb, 1.75-2.75#ea




boneless/skinless breasts- $10/lb, approx .75-1lb packs, comes 1 whole breast split in half

bone-in split breasts- $8.50/lb- roughly 1.5# packs- 1 whole breast split in half

whole roasting chicken- $4/lb

stewing chickens- $2.75/lb. 3-5lbs

Large link sausage- $8.50/lb, 4 links per pack approx 1lb packs- brats only at this time 

drumsticks- $4.50/lb, 4/pack, approx 1.24-1.5# packs

wings- $5/lb, 10 jumbo (20 total-wings and drummies) approx 2.5# packs

backs- $1.50/lb (great for bone broth/stock!) approx 5-7 lbs packs

hearts- $4/lb, approx 1# packs

livers- $4/lb, approx 1# packs

chicken feet- $4/lb

Chicken package- $110 includes  4 lbs boneless/skinless breasts, 4 packs sausage  (brats only at this time), 2 packs wings, 2 packs drumsticks, 1 pack thighs, and 1 whole chicken *** will need to sub for thighs at this time****




whole heritage type turkeys- 6-12lbs- $6.50/lb

wings- $5/lb


** We've added a new "hybrid" package, it's a combo of beef and chicken!


Combo package- $100, 1 whole chicken, 4 packs gound beef, 4lbs boneless/skinless breasts, 1-chuck roast




ground- $6.50/lb, approx 1lb packs

ground beef package- 10lbs/$55, come in individual 1# packs   

stew- $8.50/lb, approx 1lb packs             

flank steaks- $12/lb .75-1.25# ea.

top round steaks- $12/lb approx 1.5#ea

tenderloin steaks (filet mignon)- $25 lb

rib steaks- $19lb

t-bone steaks- $19lb

porterhouse steaks- $19lb 

1/3lb patties-$18, 8/pack 

1/3lb patties- $10 4/pack  

beef package- $135, 10# ground beef, 2-1/3lb patties, 1- chuck roast, 5# stew meat

soup/marrow bones- $4/lb, 4-5# packs  

ox tail- $5/lb, 1.5-2lb ea

heart - $4.50/lb

liver- $4.50/lb

tongue- $5/lb

shanks- $8.50/lb

Chuck Roasts- $8.50/lb, 2.5-4lb ea

Eye of Round Roasts- $8.50/lb 1.5-2.5# ea

Sirloin tip roasts- $11/lb, 1.5-2.5# ea

Rump Roasts- $8.50/lb, 2-3# ea

Briskett- $12lb, 3.5-11# ea- wholes and half  

Short Ribs- $8.50/lb

Beef Stock- $10/ qt , infused with garlic, onions and celery

Beef Suet- $5/pint, rendered and ready to use! 

Skirt steaks- $12lb

Hanger Steaks- $12lb    



whole quail- $20/lb, come 4 birds per pack- 1.5-1.75lb ea           

whole goose- $8/lb 9-10.5# ea  

whole rabbits- $8.50/lb, 2.5-3# ea      

duck feet- $4.50/lb

duck hearts- $4.50/lb

duck livers- $4.50/lb


Thank you all and have a great week!!


330-221-4571 call/text