Below is a list of products available for pre-order and pickup. Please email Jessa with a list of the items you would like to order and we will have them ready for fast and convenient pickup at the farm or farmers market.

Please let Jessa know what you want at least 24 hours before your desired pickup time.

Also, let Jessa know if you wish to receive an email directly with each weeks veggie list.

Hi Everyone,

Here is a list of current available items, please choose from the following options for delivery/pickup:

Delivery Saturday 3.20.21 mid afternoon

Pick-up at the farm 3.20.21 1:45-2pm

Pick-up at Lowe's Greenhouse 10-1      ***This will be the last indoor market for this season***



Delivery orders:

We ask for a minimum order of $50 and there is a $10 delivery fee for each stop, delivery is to Geauga, Northern Portage, and Eastern Cuyahoga counties.

*** Deliveries made anywhere on Franks Rd and Messenger Rd are free!!***


We will be offering whole and half sides of beef this fall and early 2022.  Price is $4/lb hanging weight.  Please call if interested to discuss details.


We also have straight run barnyard mix of chicks right now- $5ea.


Quail eggs- $4/dz

Chicken Eggs- $5/dz  

Duck eggs- $7/dz

Dried Goose Eggs- $2ea- great for painting/crafts

Quail Hatching Eggs-$5/dz


Jams: $6ea


Blueberry- Lemon

Blueberry- Lime

Blueberry- Blackberry


Jalapeno (choose mild, medium or hot!)

Corn Cob Jelly



frozen blueberries- $4.75/lb

sauerkraut- $4.75/lb-frozen

1lb bags sweet onions- $2lb-frozen



boneless/skinless breasts- $10/lb, approx 1lb packs, comes 1 whole breast split in half

bone-in split breasts- $8.50/lb- roughly 1.5# packs

drumsticks- $4.50/lb, 4/pack, approx 1.24-1.5# packs

wings- $4/lb, 10 jumbo (20 total-wings and drummies) approx 2.5# packs

backs- $1.50/lb (great for bone broth/stock!) approx 5-7 lbs packs

large link sausage- $7.50/lb, comes 4 links/pack- choose brats, mild italian, or hot italian, approx 1lb 

hearts, livers, or necks- $3.50/lb, approx 1# packs

stewing chickens- $2.75/lb 3-4lbs

chicken package- $85, ( 2 packs wings, 2 packs drumsticks, 5 packs b/s breasts or 3 packs bone-in split breasts, 4 packs sausage (approx 25lbs)

Bone broth- $6/qt- frozen

Turkey bone broth- $6/qt- frozen


** We've added a new "hybrid" package for the winter, it's a combo of beef and chicken!

Combo package- $85, 5 packs gound beef, 4lbs boneless/skinless breasts, 2 steaks (choose rib, strip and/or t-bone)


***If you purchase any meat package (excluding ground beef package) you will also receive 10% off any additional meat items at that time.*****



ground- $6/lb, approx 1lb packs

ground beef package- 10lbs/$50, come in individual 1# packs

stew- $8/lb, approx 1lb packs

1/4lb patties- $13, 8/pack

1/3lb patties-$17, 8/pack

t-bone steaks-$17/lb approx 1# ea

tenderloin filets-$25/lb ea appox 8oz

ny strip steaks-$17/lb approx 1# ea

rib steaks-$17/lb. approx 1# ea

sirloin steaks-$12/lb approx 1.75-2.25# ea   

beef package- $125, 10# ground beef, 2-1/3lb patties, 2- rib steaks, 5# stew meat

soup bones- $4/lb, 3# packs

liver, heart, or tongue- $4/lb

shanks- $8/lb

Bone broth- $10/qt- frozen



ground- $16/lb, approx 1# packs

boneless stew meat- $14/lb, approx 1# packs

bone-in stew meat- $12/lb, approx 1.5-1.75lb packs     

shoulder chops- $18/lb, approx .5lb packs- 2/pack 


whole rabbits- $8/lb, 2.5-3# ea

whole quail- $20/lb, 4/pack, approx 1.5# ea


Don't forget your four-legged friends!  We have ground up chicken backs for those feeding a raw diet to dogs and cats, 100% chicken- no fillers or additives.  Our two dogs- one 19# and one 105# and two cats- one 3 months old and one 4 1/2 years, LOVE IT!!! It's $4/lb, can be packaged in gallon bags, pint containers or quart containers- all come frozen, just thaw and serve!  Please specify container size.


Thank you all and have a great week!!


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Auburn Twp, OH 44023



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