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Weekly Availability List


Hi Everyone,


Jessa is starting a brand new Regenerative, Biodiverse Farm (Silver Linings Regenerative Farm) in Hiram this year and is separating from Voytko Farms. We will be doing everything we can to make the transition as seemless as possible for our customers. If you would like to be on her mailing list please email her at and she will gladly add you to it (although we have yet to send any emails out from just Silver Linings ;))


Chuck is raising a large group of pasture- raised/non-gmo fed turkeys for Thanksgiving (440-667-0764) and Jessa has a small group she is raising the same way on the new farm (330-221-4571). Please reach out to us and put your $20 deposit down asap!


Jessa will be offering a fall CSA program this year, starting the last week of September and going through October (a 6 week program), the price is $150. Please email her at or call/text 330-221-4571 for more details.


Here is a list of current available items, please choose from the following options for pickup:

Farmers market at Bell & 306 on Saturdays 9am-12pm

Blueberry Farm Saturdays @1pm

Pickup at farm by appointment only on days other than Saturdays- please let me know when a good time/day is for you and we'll make arrangements.



Potatoes (red-skinned, yukon gold, or baking) $4 quart

Potatoes- (purple, or red fingerlings) $3 pint

Onions- $1 ea large

2/$1 medium

$2 pint for small onions

Shallots- $3 pint

Garlic- $2 ea or 3 for $5



Chicken- $6 dz

Chicken Pullet (small) $4 dz

Duck- $8 dz 


Jams: $7ea




Pork chops- $8lb come 2 per pack around 1-1.3lb ea

Spare ribs- $6lb

Picnic shoulder roasts- $7lb 2-3lb ea

Boston Roasts- $7lb 2-3lb ea

Loin Roasts- $8lb

Feet- $4lb, 1-3.5#ea

Liver- $4lb, 3.75#ea

Heart- $4lb, .75#ea



Whole chicken- $4lb

Small link sausage- $9lb maple

drumsticks- $4.50/lb, 4/pack, approx 1.24-1.5# packs

wings- $5/lb, 10 jumbo (20 total-wings and drummies) approx 2.5-3# packs

gizzards- $10/lb roughly 1 lb packs

chicken feet- $4/lb

Chicken Backs- $2/lb



bone-in split breast- 7-8lbs ea- $11lb

drumsticks- 2/pack- $5lb

wings- 2/pack- $5lb

bone-in thighs- 2/pack- $6lb




ground- $6.50/lb, approx 1lb packs

ground beef package- 10lbs/$55, come in individual 1# packs   

stew- $8.50/lb, approx 1lb packs             

All beef hot dogs (smoked) $10/lb  

1/3lb patties- $10 4/pack  

1/5lb patties (sliders)- $15 10/pack

Cube Steaks -$9/lb

beef package- $140, 10# ground beef, 4-1/3lb patties (4-packs), 1- chuck roast, 5# stew meat

soup/marrow bones- $4/lb, 4-5# packs  

heart - $4.50/lb  

liver- $4.50/lb  

shanks- $8.50/lb    

Chuck Roasts- $8.50/lb, 2.5-4lb ea  

Short Ribs- $8.50/lb

Beef Suet- $5/pint, rendered and ready to use   



whole quail- $20/lb, come 4 birds per pack- 1.5-1.75lb ea             

whole goose- $9/lb 9-10.5# ea  

duck hearts- $4.50/lb

duck livers- $4.50/lb

Thank you all and have a great week!!


330-221-4571 call/text

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