Weekly Availability List

Hi Everyone,


Please have orders in 24 hours ahead of pickup day/time.



Here is a list of current available items, please choose from the following options for pickup:



Pickup at farmers market corner of 306 & Bell  Saturday 10.1.22 9am-12pm

Pickup at farm Saturday 10.1.22 1-1:30pm

Pickup at farm Thursday 9.29.22 4-5pm



For those of you feeding a raw diet to your pets- we're offering our ground chicken backs again.  They come in gallon ziplock bags and are $3/lb.  

We also have a few bags of whole ground chickens that are $3.50 lb.  We also started smoking our beef soup bones for dogs- they're $3ea.



We will be offering whole and half sides of beef in January 2023 and February 2023.  Price is $4/lb hanging weight.  Please call if interested to discuss details.


We will have whole and half hogs available in December 2022, January 2023 and February 2023.  Price is $3.25/lb hanging weight.  Please call to discuss details.


We are accepting reservations for Thanksgiving turkeys- ours are fresh and never frozen!!  Price is $5/lb, we have traditional broad breasted available.  We ask for a $20 deposit and a 4lb size range.


We're also taking reservations for Christmas Geese.  They will be $8.50/lb, fresh never frozen as well.  We ask for a $20 deposit on these as well. 



We have some local honey available from Guyette Farms:


12oz honey bears- $8 choose clover or wildflower

16oz jars- $8.50 choose clover or wildflower

3lb jugs- $22 choose clover or wildflower



Auburn Pointe Greenhouse is offering large and petite bouquets for preorder for Saturday mornings!

Petite: $8

Large- $15 




Kale- $5 lg bag or $2 bunch   choose green frilly, purple frilly or lacinato (dinosaur)

Cutting celery- $2 ea

Cabbage- small-$2, large- $4

Napa Cabbage- $3 ea

Pac choi- $3 ea

Carrots- $4 bunch- orange, $3 bunch for yellow and orange crazy legs!

Garlic bulbs- $2ea

Potatoes- $4 quart, choose small rounds, red skinned, yukon golds or all reds

Cherry tomatoes- $4 pint

Ground cherries- $4 pint

Jalapenos- 3/$1 choose green or yellow

Hungarian hot wax- 3/$1

Ghost peppers- 3/$1

Habaneros- 3/$1

Shishito peppers- 3/$1 or $5qt

Sweet banana peppers- 3/$1

Sweet green bell peppers- 2/$1 

Sweet red peppers- $1 ea

Sweet yellow or orange peppers- 2/$1

Candy onions- $2/lb

Blush onions- $2lb

Leeks- $3 bunch

Butternut squash- $2 ea single size, $4 ea for medium size and $9 ea for x-large

Acorn squash- $2 ea

Sweet dumpling squash- $2 ea

Parsley root- $2 ea

Pumpkins- small perfect carver $4

Mini pumpkins- $1 ea orange

Mini orange/white striped pumpkins- $2 ea

all gourds- 2/$1 assorted




Herb bunches-$2ea

Garlic chives



Flat Parsley

Curly Parsley






Chicken- $5/dz 

Quail- $4/dz.  

Duck- $8/dz 




Pork- ***will be restocked in early October!!

Uncured smoked hams- $10/lb, 6.25#

Feet- $4lb, 1-3.5#ea

Liver- $4lb, 3.75#ea

Heart- $4lb, .75#ea





boneless/skinless breasts- $10/lb, approx .75-1lb packs, comes 1 whole breast split in half

stewing chickens- $2.75/lb. 3-5lbs

Large link sausage- $8.50/lb, 4 links per pack approx 1lb packs- choose HOT ITALIAN only at this time

drumsticks- $4.50/lb, 4/pack, approx 1.24-1.5# packs

wings- $5/lb, 10 jumbo (20 total-wings and drummies) approx 2.5# packs

gizzards- $10/lb roughly 1 lb packs

chicken feet- $4/lb

Chicken package- $110 includes  4 lbs boneless/skinless breasts, 4 packs sausage  (choose mild or hot italian), 2 packs wings, 2 packs drumsticks, 1 pack thighs (*will have to sub equal value product), and 1 whole chicken (will have to sub whole chicken)

Ground chicken backs- (great for raw dog food, with the bone in)- $3lb

Ground whole chickens (with the bone, a more complete meal for dogs/cats)- $3.50/lb



whole heritage type turkeys- 8-12lbs- $6.50/lb


** We've added a new "hybrid" package, it's a combo of beef and chicken!


Combo package- $110, 1 whole chicken, 4 packs ground beef, 4lbs boneless/skinless breasts, 1-chuck roast *****will have to sub whole chicken at this time****



ground- $6.50/lb, approx 1lb packs

ground beef package- 10lbs/$55, come in individual 1# packs   

stew- $8.50/lb, approx 1lb packs             

rib steaks- $19lb

t-bone steaks- $19lb

porterhouse steaks- $19lb 

Sirloin steaks- $13/lb, 1.5-2.5 lb

Tenderloin steaks (filet mignon)- $25 lb come 2 per pack, .5-.75lb ea

All beef hot dogs (smoked) $10/lb

1/3lb patties-$18, 8/pack   

1/3lb patties- $10 4/pack  

1/5lb patties (sliders)- $15 10/pack

beef package- $135, 10# ground beef, 2-1/3lb patties, 1- chuck roast, 5# stew meat

soup/marrow bones- $4/lb, 4-5# packs  

heart - $4.50/lb  

liver- $4.50/lb  

shanks- $8.50/lb    

Chuck Roasts- $8.50/lb, 2.5-4lb ea  

Sirloin tip roasts- $11lb

Short Ribs- $8.50/lb

Beef Stock- $10/ qt , infused with garlic, onions and celery

Beef Suet- $5/pint, rendered and ready to use!  

Smoked dog bones- $3ea   



whole quail- $20/lb, come 4 birds per pack- 1.5-1.75lb ea             

whole goose- $8.50/lb 9-10.5# ea  

whole duck- $6.50/lb 3.75-5.5# ea     

duck feet- $4.50/lb

duck hearts- $4.50/lb

duck livers- $4.50/lb


Thank you all and have a great week!!


330-221-4571 call/text