Below is a list of products available for pre-order and pickup. Please email Jessa with a list of the items you would like to order and we will have them ready for fast and convenient pickup at the farm or farmers market.

Please let Jessa know what you want at least 24 hours before your desired pickup time.

Also, let Jessa know if you wish to receive an email directly with each weeks veggie list.

Weekly Availability List

Hi Everyone,


****We're Still open for blueberry picking!!!!*****

Please check the website for hours before you plan on coming out to the farm.


Please have orders in 24 hours ahead of pickup day/time.


Here is a list of current available items, please choose from the following options for pickup:


Pickup Tuesday 8.3.21 4-6:30

Pickup at Geauga Fresh Farmers market Saturday 8.7.21,  9am-12noon



We will be offering whole and half sides of beef this fall and early 2022.  Price is $4/lb hanging weight.  Please call if interested to discuss details.


Auburn Pointe Greenhouse is offering flower bouquets again!!

Petite- $7.50

Large- $15


Chicken Eggs- $5/dz  


Jams: $6ea

Jalapeno mild




Swiss chard- $2 bunch

Scallions- $2/bunch

Celery- $2

Sweet candy onions- $2/lb

Blush onions- $2/lb

Shallots- $2ea

Leeks- $1 ea

Red onions- $2/lb

Red long onions- $2/lb

Sweet/fresh eating purple onions- $2/lb

Beans- $3/qt, can be green, purple, yellow or a mix

Green tomatoes- $4 qt

frozen blueberries- $4.75/lb

1lb bags sweet onions- $2lb-frozen

10# bags onions- $15ea, choose red, sweet candy or storage/cooking


Herbs: $2/bunch

lemon balm

flat leaf parsley


sweet basil

lemon basil

sacred (holy) basil

sweet thai basil

purple basil

anise hyssop


superior licorice mint






boneless/skinless breasts- $10/lb, approx 1lb packs, comes 1 whole breast split in half

bone-in split breasts- $8.50/lb- roughly 1.5# packs

whole roasting chicken- $3.75lb

stewing chickens- $2.75/lb

Ground Chicken- $7.50/lb approx 1# packs

drumsticks- $4.00/lb, 4/pack, approx 1.24-1.5# packs

wings- $4.50/lb, 10 jumbo (20 total-wings and drummies) approx 2.5# packs

backs- $1.50/lb (great for bone broth/stock!) approx 5-7 lbs packs

hearts, livers, or necks- $3.50/lb, approx 1# packs

chicken feet- $4/lb



whole turkey- $4.50/lb approx 9-11 lbs

wings and drumsticks- $5/lb

whole bone-in breasts- $10/lb approx 3.5-5.5#

hearts- $3.50/lb


** We've added a new "hybrid" package, it's a combo of beef and chicken!

Combo package- $100, 1 whole chicken, 5 packs gound beef, 4lbs boneless/skinless breasts, 2 steaks (choose rib or t-bone)


***If you purchase any meat package (excluding ground beef package) you will also receive 10% off any additional meat items at that time.*****



ground- $6/lb, approx 1lb packs

ground beef package- 10lbs/$50, come in individual 1# packs

stew- $8/lb, approx 1lb packs

1/3lb patties-$17, 8/pack

t-bone steaks-$18/lb approx 1-1.5# ea

tenderloin (filet mignon)- $25/lb 2 per pack approx .65#

rib steaks-$18/lb. approx 1-1.5# ea   

beef package- $125, 10# ground beef, 2-1/3lb patties, 2- rib steaks, 5# stew meat

soup bones- $4/lb, 3# packs

heart - $4/lb

shanks- $8/lb

Chuck Roasts- $8/lb, 2.5-4lb ea

Top Round Steaks- $12lb, .5# ea    



whole rabbits- $8/lb, 2.5-3# ea

whole duck- $6.50/lb

duck feet- $4/lb

duck hearts and livers- $4/lb


Thank you all and have a great week!!


330-221-4571 call/text