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Product Pricing


Hi Everyone,

Below is a list of the products we have or typically offer for sale. Right now, the best way to get what you need is to send me an email and we can make arrangements to meet at the farm.

Handmade soaps with products from our farm

Various scents: $3.50 per bar



Spare ribs- $6lb

Picnic shoulder roasts- $7lb 2-3lb ea

Feet- $2.50lb, 1-3.5#ea

Liver- $2.50lb, 3.75#ea

Heart- $2.50lb, .75#ea



Small link sausage- $9lb maple

gizzards- $4/lb roughly 1 lb packs

Chicken Backs- $1/lb



Boneless, skinless breasts- $13lb

bone-in split breast- 7-8lbs ea- $11lb

drumsticks- 2/pack- $5lb

wings- 2/pack- $5lb

bone-in thighs- 2/pack- $7.50lb

ground turkey- $8.50lb

boneless chunk turkey-$8.50lb




Porterhouse, T-bone, Rib steaks- $19/lb

Tenderloin steaks- $25/lb 

ground- $6.50/lb, approx 1lb packs

ground beef package- 10lbs/$60, come in individual 1# packs   

stew- $8.50/lb, approx 1lb packs             

All beef hot dogs (smoked) $10/lb  

1/3lb patties- $10 4/pack  

1/5lb patties (sliders)- $15 10/pack

Cube Steaks -$9/lb

soup/marrow bones- $3/lb, 4-5# packs  

heart - $4.50/lb  

liver- $4.50/lb  

shanks- $8.50/lb    

Chuck Roasts- $8.50/lb, 2.5-4lb ea  

Short Ribs- $6.50/lb

Beef Suet- $5/pint, rendered and ready to use   




whole goose- $9/lb 9-10.5# ea  

duck hearts- $4/lb

Thank you all and have a great week!!


440 667 0764 call/text

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